FOr hem gainz fitness

Personal Trainers In Lakewood 

What do we do?

For Them Gainz Fitness LLC is a Christian based personal training company located in Lakewood, Co. Our mission is to passionately, professionally, and aggressively, strengthen and transform the mind body and soul, through high performance, biblically based, physical and mental conduct.

The company is founded by Alberto Gonzalez. Berto is a transformation specialist and has been training in the corporate system since 2008.

Berto's outlook on training is far different than the norm. He impacts his clients and leads them to transformations by not only implementing aggressive, high intensity workouts, but exceeds expectations by creating and cultivating clarity of thought with an energized and empowered mindset. His specialty is taking clients who have never stepped foot in a gym and relieving them of health issues like heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Berto does enjoy training athletes, but his passion lies in helping others save their own lives and health by opening them up and introducing them to an active lifestyle through health and fitness. He understands the health and fitness atmosphere can be an intimidating venture for beginners.

For Them Gainz Fitness LLC is not a one man show, our company sub contracts many qualified personal trainers. No matter what your goal is we will match you up with the personal trainer who is best suited to match your specific needs. Through Alberto’s years of experience and many client transformations, he knows he would have never been in the position to have such a huge and positive impact on others without the grace and blessings of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

If you’re looking for humble trainers, with the best interest of their clients in mind, as passionate about your health and goals as you are, then contact us for your free consultation to help you achieve better health, wellness, confidence, energy, and positivity today.