Leah Mondragon — 5 star

I've been training with Berto for almost 2 months and have already seen amazing results!! 20lbs down and lost 3 inches total, just in a short time!! I've worked with corporate trainers many times and never seen results like this!! He will definitely get you to where you want to be fast, if you're looking for them gains you know where you need to go, Berto Gonz, "For them Gainz" of course!!

Desirae Gonzales — 5 star

Ive been training with Berto for about a month in a half and see results already. He is very positive, encouraging, and has lots of knowledge to help reach goals.The gym provides a very positive, friendly environment. He is a great trainer if your looking For Them Gainz you need to contact Berto

Darylann Duran — 5 star

The dedication and determination that Berto has in and out the gym inspires me to be more healthy can't wait till after my daughter is born so I can get in the gym and have him whip me back in shape!!!

Fred Garlington — 5 star

A great small business providing amazing results at a reasonable price! For losing fat, gaining muscle or improving athletic performance, get in touch with Berto today!

Amy David — 5 star

Berto is a passionate, driven, and motivated individual who is sure to take your needs into consideration to get the results you are looking for! He walks the walk and knows how to customize a plan that works for you.

El Suave — 5 star

The best decision I made this year is working out with Berto. Berto is a awesome trainer who will help u reach your goals. He is the real deal.

Tamara Chavez — 5 star

One of the best decisions I made to amplify my fitness was to start training with Berto! I had been away from targeted weight lifting for several years and he's helped me set realistic goals but is also pushing me to be healthier, stronger, and more confident. If your looking for a personal trainer, I highly recommend For Them Gainz!

Juliana Maria Rodriguez-Landin — 5 star

Only week three of online training and my body is feeling tighter again. I have lost 8lbs and my clothes are feeling better. Berto is always respondent to my texts or phone calls when I a confused about a workout. I am loving it!!

Brian Billmaier — 5 star

Berto is hands down one of the best. He knows exactly how to help you get results and fast. As long as you hold up your part of the deal, dieting and good life choices, then failure isn't possible with him as your trainer. Worth every penny.

Jen Sinner Trotter — 5 star

Berto is the MAN! He is professional, patient (unless you fail then he will push you harder towards your goals), and dedicated. By far a truly amazing trainer. I have and will follow him no matter where he goes.

Sandra Rodriguez-Estrada — 5 star

One short month with Berto and I've already seen amazing results. Inches lost from all over! If you want to see result fast, For Them Gainz Fitness is how to get there! He's the best! With passion for fitness and faith as his platform!

Sandra Devocion — 5 star

If you're looking for a trainer who is motivational, determined, and supportive look no further. Im continuously pushed to my limits showing me that my capabilities are greater than what I believe. The encouragement I have received is genuine and I couldn't be happier training here.

Shovanne Rivas — 5 star

Berto has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Not only is he incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. He truly cares and believes in helping others out. The best life decision I've made. He's accommodating with my schedule, always makes time for me. He kicks my ass every time we train. And I love it.

Todd Zalinski — 5 star

If you are looking for a motivational, enthusiastic fitness coach, Berto and for them Gainz fitness is exactly what you need! Don't wait for your results go see Berto today!

Cosy Lou Wallis Gallion — 5 star

I am so blessed to have Noreen as my personal trainer....1 month and I'm already loosing inches.... Thank you for being such a great support...!! :)

Brittany Sansburn — 5 star

Berto is awesome! He doesn't let you give up which is important to me. I am a procrastinator 
I feel awesome. I have energy and confidence which is what I was looking for. I have seen awesome results in just a month!
All you got to do is show up and he will do the rest.

Jens Sis — 5 star

Hello all! My name is Cheryl aka Jens sis. I started working out with Berto last April. After my second child was born in dec of 2011, I became pregnant again with my third child only two months after. Leo was born in Jan of 2013. I had a tubal right after he was born that didn't go as planned. Long story short...it took 8 months to recover. And after being pregnant for almost two years, I hit 202lbs! And I'm only 5'1! I tried dieting and even working out on my own but nothing was working or motivating me. It was supposed to be the happiest time in my life...with a new baby and all but really I was living in a very depressed state. I couldn't keep up with my kids. I hated getting dressed! My husband had lost just about all attraction to me. I was just so unhappy with myself. 

My sister and I decided to get a gym membership. We went a few times and soon realized we had no idea what we were doing! That's when we meet Berto! What a blessing that day was! Berto is a very caring person! He doesn't judge or look down on you for mistakes. He has a way of motivating you without yelling or being a drill sargent, which for me is a good thing (I'm a very strong headed woman who doesn't like being told what to do!). I am now very confident in myself and my appearance! I am stronger than I have ever been. I'm proud to say I can out run my kids! And...I catch my husband staring at me with that look in his eye again lol
It's nice to have a trainer who is not only there in the gym but is a part of your life. Hes there 24-7 to help, answer questions, or just be an ear to listen. Berto has changed my life and I know he could help so many others out there who are stuck just like I was. God has really blessed me and my family by putting Berto in my path. Thank you Alberto...and thank you Noreen for supporting him! You too are angels!

* Reviews are based off personal experience from real people and past clients. They are in no way, shape, or form, a guarantee of personal experience for any future clients or individuals. As always, individual results may vary.

Kimberly Hunt — 5 star

Awesome experience working with this guy!

Sara Ingham Roberts — 5 starFor them Gainz is amazing!

James Osborne — 5 star

Ive know Berto for many years now. We met at a 24 hour fitness, and the rest is history. Hes very driven and motivated to change not only his life, but everyone elses life too. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to diet (which is key), and different styles of lifting. Ive seen his progress over the years, and he has seen mine. We bounce ideas off each other as much as possible, and I know im getting legit advice for he has a degree for his trade. I have no doubt that youre in good hands when you train with this man, and I would recommend him to anyone I know!

Janelle Martell — 5 star

Having only worked with berto for a short time I have never
Met someone with more passion and drive for what they do. There is no doubt in my mind that those qualities translate directly to his clients and their success. He's one of a kind!!

FOr hem gainz fitness

Personal Trainers In Lakewood 

Beatriz Perea — 5 star

If you need patience and RESULTS, you need to meet this guy. Berto will commit to your training needs and provide a wonderful, caring, and professional environment to achieve your goals! :)